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Milledgeville, Georgia (CNN) Sen. David Perdue could not have thought his campaign would end like this.
Republicans now fear that the state's two Senate seats are in danger of flipping , amid changing demographics, party infighting and President Donald Trump 's unpopularity during the coronavirus pandemic.
In the final days of the campaign, Perdue is acting like a candidate on the run.
He abruptly pulled out of a high-stakes debate scheduled for Sunday, choosing to instead campaign with Trump.
This week, Ossoff attacked Perdue in personal terms, telling CNN that the senator's butchering of Harris' name was "unquestionably" racist.
At the end of the debate, Perdue was asked if there was anything he wanted to correct in this campaign.
Intraparty fightsRepublicans in Georgia are facing a perfect storm that puts the White House and its two GOP-held Senate seats at risk.
In private conversations earlier this year, top Senate Republicans warned the White House about the risks of a contested race for Loeffler's seat.
But Republicans in these Georgia Senate races are now all neck and neck with their Democratic opponents, who outraised them in the last financial quarter.
The Senate Leadership Fund, a super PAC aligned with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, has spent more in Georgia than in any other state.
"Obviously the situation is complicated by having two Republicans in the race," Senate Majority Whip John Thune told CNN.
The coronavirus has killed about 8,000 people and infected over 358,000 in Georgia , giving voters a reason to yearn for change.

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