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The lesson, which discussed systemic racism and the Black Lives Matter movement, sparked outrage in Burlington and the backlash was swift.
The uproar highlights just how politicized the term Black Lives Matter has become, Statz said.
Jalen is one of only 48 Black students in a school district of nearly 3,000 in Burlington.
The video addressed common questions children might have about the current Black Lives Matter protests.
Smith felt like the lesson on race and the Black Lives Matter movement gave her son a confidence boost and thanked Statz for seizing the moment.
Smith said the disappointment was crushing when she had to tell Jalen that the lesson on racism and Black lives wouldn't be taught anymore.
"I just couldn't believe the amount of hate and ignorance of some people," Statz told CNN.
She wasn't naive about the the fact that some parents had strong negative reactions to the mere words "Black Lives Matter."
The worksheet posed questions like "What is the Black Lives Matter Movement Trying To Do?"
The class also talked about Trayvon Martin and how the Black Lives Matter movement began.
"I have never done that," Statz told CNN about seeking approval about the lesson plan.
An opportunity amid controversy"We had already been seeing [racist behavior], witnessing it and were even targets of it," Darnisha Garbade, who is Black, told CNN.

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